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wait what happened now oh my fucking god.

Wow. Like, way to fridge a cool female character before the movie even starts. Is there any reason Hank couldn’t have been the one to die instead? Oh, wait. Of course. He’s male and played by Michael Douglas. So we don’t even get a bamf old lady Jan because we have to create man-pain.

I’m just going with the headcanon that Jan did not actually die in this ‘accident’, but was caught in a time warp where she finds her way out eventually. Then she joins the Avengers since she’s still young enough to fight.

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Guys.  GUYS.  DOCTOR WHO AND THE PIRATES.  Seriously it is one of the greatest things of all time, and it’s only one dollar.  If you don’t believe me on how awesome it is, just watch this.  It is glorious and meta and sad and they sing.  

The full announcement is here.  I’m also considering getting Flip Flop, but that one was such a mind fuck.  Everyone should definitely consider their one dollar for awesome pirate-y things though.  It’s one of the best.

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